Securing HayBoard™ Banners in High Wind Locations.

Blizzard Strap Kit

Attach HayBoard™ Banners in High Wind Locations with our Blizzard Strap Addon Kit.

 (6) Bungee Cord Loops

 (6) Sod Stakes - 12" Included

 Affordable Price - $15/kit.

 Save $5/kit if ordered with HayBoard™ Banner

Secure Your HayBoard™  Banner

Blizzard Straps will secure your banner in extended  installations of months (i.e. Hay for Sale HayBoard™).  Or if you have wind in excess of 45 mph it will secure the HayBoard™ to the hay bale.

Quick Install

Installs with 18" Bungee Loops & 12" Sod Stakes.   Install in the 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10 grommet positions.  Grommet positions match your Analog Clock Hour Positions (i.e. 12 is 12 o'clock).